6. Hispanics Love Food

There is no question that Hispanics love food.  Every time there’s a special occasion you will enjoy plenty of food.  There’s always lots of leftovers even after people have eaten twice.   A typical carne asada (grilled beef) party might include chicken, shrimp, rice, beans, grilled onions, corn and/or patatoes.  Then there’s also the salsa and the tortillas. There’s no stinginess in food among Hispanics.  Just look at our waist.  We can’t go hungry, we will never go hungry.  Food is an enjoyment much like eating chocolate for many people.  There’s nothing worse for a Hispanic than to go to an Anglo’s party and find sandwiches or hot dogs for food. Come on! If you are going to invite us, make some real food. Or else, just don’t invite us.


5. Hispanics are notoriously known for being late, according to those who go by their watches and not by the Hispanic cultural watch.  If for example, you invite one to a party they will show up three or more hours late.  I’m not kidding here.  But, see to Hispanics, this is not late.  They see time differently, especially as it relates to social events. Time is at best an estimation.  This drives people crazy, especially those who adhere to “American” time.  For them, parties start on time and end on time.  Not so, with Hispanics. Parties have an estimated beginning and no end.  The party ends when everyone leaves.  Don’t get me wrong, Hispanics are not always late to everything.  Most get to work on time. It’s the social events that has a different clock.  Don’t be surprised next time your Hispanic friend is not on time.  Remember he carries a watch, a watch you can’t see. It’s internal. You can’t change that!

Ask a Hispanic anything and they will not say no.  They will say yes. How many times I’ve heard them say, “Yeah, I’ll be there,” and they never show up.  There you are waiting for them and when you ask them why they didn’t show up they will make up an excuse.  There’s something about saying “no” that is unattractive to a Hispanic.  It’s disloyal to say “no,” even if you don’t mean to say “yes.”  Saying “no” tells the other person that you don’t care about them and Hispanics are social beings that derive much of their energy and life from their interaction with others.  We do things in a group. Next time you ask a Hispanic something be aware that a “yes”, does not mean “yes.” A “yes” means “maybe,” “no,” or “yes.”  Hey, don’t complain, at least they are loyal and don’t make you feel bad by saying “no.”

If you are a Hispanic you can’t run away from them.  They are in your living room every day.  They are dramatic. They bring families together: mom, grandma, children, neighbors, grandma and even dad. Yes, I said dad.  Hispanics soap operas have more drama than real life.  Their plots are predictable: betrayal, infidelity, cruelty, rags to riches, and in the end a “happily-ever-after.”  The “novelas” don’t last as long as the English ones because as Hispanics we need them to end.  The drama can’t go on forever. You can’t scream at the TV for ever without losing your sanity.  Each episode leaves you hanging and the previews for the next episode is the hook to keep you watching night after night.  You will be there the next day even if you are “macho” man.  This reminds me of my sister’s husband one night we were visiting them.  I asked about him and she said that he was in the room watching a “novela.”  Actually, she made a reference to his masculinity when describing what he was doing.  I know for a fact,  Hispanics like to watch “novelas,” even men. I have proof. I know myself. 🙂 


 Hispanics like tortillas. They like them so much that they actually eat tortillas with tortillas. Really! Chilaquiles (a Mexican dish) are made with tortillas and Hispanics like to eat them with tortillas.  Being a Hispanic myself, I will not, I refuse to eat without tortillas. It’s like not having utencils to eat.  I’m not exaggerating here.  Many Hispanics use the tortilla as a utencil (e.g. my wife).  Alright, for those of  you who are already making a big deal out of this, try this: eat a hot dog without a bun! That’s how it feels to eat without a tortilla. I don’t care how much they are, I want tortillas. How about those “calentitas” just made? O my… No wonder some poet wrote “An Ode to Tortillas,” I can’t remember who it was, I think it was Gary Soto. But the truth remains: TORTILLAS! Continue Reading »

If you call a Hispanic “Hispanic” you might get the response, “You mean Latinos. Hispanics are from Spain. We are Latinos.”  In your mind  you’re thinking, “Hispanics = Spanish Speakers,” but in their minds it is “Hispanics= people from Spain.”  Of course, you can still argue with them and try to make them see your point of view and even let them know that technically a “Latino” is someone who is “Latin” and that would make the person, well, maybe Italian.  Don’t even try to get into the history of Linguistics because you might end up in a fight.  Take my word and just say, “Latinos.”  By the way, don’t call everyone that speaks Spanish  “Mexican” or say that they speak “Mexican,” unless you are willing to die an early age.