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If you are a Hispanic you can’t run away from them.  They are in your living room every day.  They are dramatic. They bring families together: mom, grandma, children, neighbors, grandma and even dad. Yes, I said dad.  Hispanics soap operas have more drama than real life.  Their plots are predictable: betrayal, infidelity, cruelty, rags to riches, and in the end a “happily-ever-after.”  The “novelas” don’t last as long as the English ones because as Hispanics we need them to end.  The drama can’t go on forever. You can’t scream at the TV for ever without losing your sanity.  Each episode leaves you hanging and the previews for the next episode is the hook to keep you watching night after night.  You will be there the next day even if you are “macho” man.  This reminds me of my sister’s husband one night we were visiting them.  I asked about him and she said that he was in the room watching a “novela.”  Actually, she made a reference to his masculinity when describing what he was doing.  I know for a fact,  Hispanics like to watch “novelas,” even men. I have proof. I know myself. 🙂 



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