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Ask a Hispanic anything and they will not say no.  They will say yes. How many times I’ve heard them say, “Yeah, I’ll be there,” and they never show up.  There you are waiting for them and when you ask them why they didn’t show up they will make up an excuse.  There’s something about saying “no” that is unattractive to a Hispanic.  It’s disloyal to say “no,” even if you don’t mean to say “yes.”  Saying “no” tells the other person that you don’t care about them and Hispanics are social beings that derive much of their energy and life from their interaction with others.  We do things in a group. Next time you ask a Hispanic something be aware that a “yes”, does not mean “yes.” A “yes” means “maybe,” “no,” or “yes.”  Hey, don’t complain, at least they are loyal and don’t make you feel bad by saying “no.”


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